SlideBoom Cloud

SlideBoom Cloud is a web based PowerPoint to Flash transcoding service that reduces cost and complexity of converting ad hosting large amounts of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Fast and accurate conversion
  • Powered by leading iSpring technology
  • Simple and affordable rates
  • Simple REST web services API

How it works

1. A user uploads a presentation to your web site 2. Your web site sends it to SlideBoom Cloud 3. SlideBoom Cloud processes it 4. A web-ready Flash presentation is stored where you choose (Amazon S3, CDN, your server or SlideBoom Cloud)



SlideBoom Cloud supports all PowerPoint formats starting from PowerPoint 2000 and Open Document Presentation (ODP) format.

PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003 PowerPoint 2007 Open Document Presentation

Usage Statistics

SlideBoom Cloud offers a set of usage reports in your account.
  • Dashboard
  • Conversions Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Storage Usage Report


SlideBoom Cloud uses lightning-fast iSpring technology and scale as far as you need it to by distributing transcoding jobs across multiple SlideBoom Cloud servers. This means very high output, enabling you to transcode more PowerPoint presentations in less time than with a single transcoding server.


Reliability is one of the biggest challenges of a PowerPoint to Flash transcoding system. SlideBoom Cloud is extremely reliable, such that it is almost impossible for transcoding jobs to be lost.


SlideBoom Cloud offers a set of great looking players that you can use to convert your PowerPoint presentations into web-ready Flash format.
  • Advanced Glossy
  • Advanced Matte
  • Crystal
  • Lite
  • Navigation Panel
  • SlideBoom Standard
  • SlideBoom PRO Small
  • SlideBoom PRO Medium
  • SlideBoom PRO Advanced


SlideBoom Cloud has a simple RESTful web services interface. You can easily add integration with SlideBoom Cloud using the following complete client libraries:
  • PHP
  • .Net C#
  • Java
  • AJAX


SlideBoom Cloud pricing depends on number of presentations you convert per month and how much in and out traffic do you made.

Rate Plan Presentation Conversions Total Traffic (in + out) Monthly Fee
Standard up to 100/month up to 20 Gb/month $99
Pro up to 500/month up to 50 Gb/month $199
Premium up to 500/month up to 100 Gb/month $499

Your account will not be blocked If you exceed the limitations of your Rate Plan but you will be charged for the extra presentation conversions and the extra traffic you made:

Extra Conversions Extra Traffic
$1 per presentation $0.50 per Gb