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http://www.yikuangdrilling.com Pdc oil drill bit Production Features 1,Suit for drilling medium to medium-hard formations. 2,Evolute asymmetrical blade cutter design and balanced bit load so that bit whirl is prevented . 3,Composite gage protection and low torque design improve rate of penetration . 4,CFD hydraulic balance design results in better bit cleaning and cutting removal . 5,Combined utilization of high performance PDC compacts significantly prolongs bit life Higher nozzle counts and/or fixed ports to best serve cleaning,cooling and cuttings evacuation requirements with available hydraulic flows.Allows for higher flow rates with minimal increase in pump pressure. Feature:Diamonds are impregnated in the matrix behind the PDC cutters Benefit:Increased footage drilled in abrasive applications Technology Parameters   Bit typeMain bit size(mm)Rock coefficientPDC core drill bitSingle pipe75/54.5  94/74  113/89  113/109  153/1291-18Two-pipes75/54.5  94/68PDC center drill bitConcave 3 wing bit60  75  94  113  1331-18Arc pillar 60  75  94  113  1334-18Many wing scraper60  75  94  113  133  133  153  173  190  2151-6Model118,152,215.9,244,311,445Typeall kinds and size PDC bitsApplicablewater well, oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation workFormationsticky, soft, medium hard, hard formationblade4,5,6,7,8,9Packingwooden boxMOQ1 PieceSupply Ability1000 Pieces/monthDelivery Timewithin 7-15 work days

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