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0 Presentations Introduction:Stationary dock ramp is for loading and unloading cargo,Website:, it is installed on the pit, build a bridge between the vehicle compartments and the warehouse .It can adjust the height from arrange -250 to +300 to fit the vehicle compartments. It is widely used in warehouse, station, wharf, logistic center and so on. It will save much labor cost and time, improve working efficiency.The table size can be 2000*2000mm or 2500*2000mm   Loading capacity is 6T, 8T 10T 12T 15T etc.Product feature:1.The anti-slip pattern steel plate2.Using the imported integral modular hydraulic pump station, good sealing performance, long service life3.Using imported seal ring, make the hydro system has the good sealing performance.4.High-strength U-shape beam guarantee the long time and large capacity5.With two hydro cylinder realize the platform rises and height adjustment6.Two sides with anti-hurt steel plate, prevent damage of the toe enter in the ramp.Safety device:1.Surface slip resistant sheet.2.The ramp has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.3.Explosion-proof valve: prevent the platform falls down suddenly when oil pipe crack4.Full-range, telescopic toe protection assures total dock attendant safety.5.Two sides with anti-hurt steel plate, prevent damage of the toe enter in the ramp.

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