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0 Presentations TKflor is one of the professional kindergarden floor manufacturers and suppliers in China with great hospital plan projects and hot sales on going, welcome to buy customized products from our factory and check prices with us.Packaging Details:For roll,packed in Roll with Craft Paper Cover and plastic core. Then put on pallet.Characteristic of our transport floor:Eco-friendly, Non-fiber, Anti-slipWear proof, fire proof, water proofPressure resistant, abrasive resistant, electrostatic resistantAnti-skidding, anti-aging, anti-cracking, anti-chemicalEnvironmental protection, non-poisonousMute noiseHigh resilience, soft and comfortableLow in swell ratioCommonly used for the transport industry(bus,train,airport and so on)TKD-9801TKD-9802TKD-9803TKD-9804TKD-9805TKD-9806TKD-9807TKD-9808TKD-9809TKD-9810TKD-9812TKD-9813TKD-9814TKD-9815TKD-9816TKD-9818TKD-9819TKD-9822TKD-9823TKD-9824TKD-9830TKD-9831TKD-9832TKD-9833TKD-9834TKD-9835TKD-9837

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