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0 Presentations Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cylindrical fender manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap cylindrical fender from our factory.Cylindrical fenders have protected ships for more years than any other fender type.Their progressive reaction makes them ideal for berths serving large and small vessels.Features:1.  hanged by chains and steel bars, easy to stall and maintain.2. low reaction forces, little surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption.3. especially applicable for upper part of integral docks.4.Good adaptability for transversal and longitudinal shape during berthing.TypeOutside Diameter(mm)Inside Diameter(mm)Length (m)Y150×L15075The length can be manufactured by the requirements of customers.Y200×L200100Y250×L250125Y300×L300150Y350×L350175Y400×L400200Y500×L500250Y600×L600300Y700×L700350Y800×L800400Y900×L900450Y1000×L1000500Y1100×L1100550Y1200×L1200600Y1300×L1300650Y1400×L1400700Y1500×L1500750Y1600×L1600800Y1700×L1700850Y1800×L1800900Y1900×L1900950Y2000×L20001000

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