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http://www.packagingbag5.com Poly Zipper BagYangrui manufactures Poly Zipper Bags are excellent sealing can effectively prevent external bacteria and other harmful substances.The Poly Zipper Bags is healthy and safe,Website:http://www.packagingbag5.com,leak-tight seal is good ,with the effect of anti moisture and dust.It take a unique convex deduction technology making sealing more tightly under full state.It can better save and save time longer. It is easy to use.PE material is relatively soft,creamy feeling,but it is not as transparent as OPP and other materials. PE material is widely used in a variety of sectors of the product packaging,such as clothing,jewelry,bedding,cosmetics and food industry can be packaged nuts and seasonings.It can also be made for the advertising gift bags. 

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