cw6000 water chiller for 300w co2 laser machine

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0 Presentations Features:1. 3000W cooling capacity; optional environmental refrigerant;2. ±0.3℃ precisely temperature control,3. The intelligent temperature controller has two control modes,applicable  to different applied occasions;4. Optional heater and water filter.5. Small size, long working life and simple operation;Application:CW-6000AH: applied to cool three 100W CO2 laser tubes or four 80W CO2 laser tubes;CW-6000AI : applied to a cool single CO2 100W RF laser tube;CW-6000AN: applied to a cool a single 100W solid-state laser or a single 22KW CNC spindle;Optional: CW-6002 dual water inlet and outlet series; heat booster; water filter.Specifications:Baodian Electronics, equipped with a professional factory, is one of the leading cw6000 water chiller for 300w co2 laser machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Stable operation, long lifespan, practical design, and high efficiency are main advantages of our products. We now have high quality cw6000 water chiller for 300w co2 laser machine for sale. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

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