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0 Presentations Welcome to visit our website, cnc router machine metal specifications as follows, if you need other information, please contact me.The characteristics of cnc router machine metal (1). The feature of cutting is smooth,fine;with tighten working range without much material waste which can save cost. (2). Reasonable design of laser line,the laser transmitting on large scale with the feature of simple and no waste, keep the same power-force on each working spot,ensure the quality of cutting,and can do engraving simple process. (3). High efficiency,high quality. (4). This machine is specialized in clothes、leather ect industry.This series of machine is suitable to advertisement decoration,art gift,cutting of template,toy and other industries.Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:high quality wooden case, good for long distance transportation.CNC router Machine metal Specification ( Internal model of FD - 5045 c) X,Y,Z Axis position accuracy±0.01 / 300mmX,Y,Z Axis repeated location accuracy±0.005mmX,Y,Z Axis Max working travel450*500*200mmWorking Table Size505*480mmMax Table Load250kgGantry height, width220mm  530mmMain Spindle Power3.0kWRange of Spindle Speeds500-21000/24000rpmMax Tool DiameterER20(dia:12mm)Max Rapid Feed Rate8m/minMax Machining Rate5m/minDriving System(Japanese YASKAWA)AC servo motor 750WVoltage3 Phases 380V/50HZ 5KWControl SystemSYNTEC from TaiwanMachine WeightApprox 1.6TMachine Size1.8*1.6*2.2MSpain FAGOR control system available for selection. Or kindly inform your requirement control system.

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