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0 Presentations Essai Metal Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China stamping die,Website:, punch die, metal moulding, metal moulding tool, progressive stamping die, press tool stamping die manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy discount and cheap and wholesale low price and high quality stamping die products from us.Essai dies have been crafted to produce everything from small precise springs in critical medical devices to large and complex deep drawn enclosures for switchgear. We have extensive experience with materials ranging from Aluminum to Zirconium alloys, and from simple piercing to complex multi-punch, draw and form dies with in-die assembly and complete electronic protection. Essai's high level of expertise can reduce your costs for performance, maintenance and tool life.Essai produces stamping dies as large as 3000mm in length, with press capability up to 300 tons. We have a broad range of stamping technology, including progressive, hand transfer, in-die transfer and press-to-press transfer. Our capabilities include blanking, piercing, draw forming, tapping, extruding, and in-die assembly using bowl feed automation for everything from small component stamping dies to large HVAC and appliance applications.

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