Type4 Sn64.7Bi35Ag0.3 Solder Powder

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http://www.bbiensolder.com Product DetailsBBIEN LF-04 type4 Sn64.7Bi35Ag0.3 solder powderDescription for BBIEN LF-04 Sn64Bi35.7Ag0.3 powderSn64.7Bi35Ag0.3 solder powder is a low-energy atomization technology production of spherical alloy solder powder,under accurate monitoring by the computer,It is carrying out the high quality standard of the alloy solder powder,can satisfy with the high quality demand of the solder paste.We can also according to customer requirements produce all kinds of special performance products.Solder powder basic KnowledgeSmall variations in composition and the level of impurities can affect wetting properties of the solder paste:oxidation behavior,melting temperatures,flow within the joint and joint strength.The ideal solder composition will feature tight tolerances of alloy composition.The J-STD-006(Joint Industry Standard)places requirements on the content of alloying elements.For alloys with 5%of less of an element,its content must not vary by more tan 0.2%by weight.For elements contents higher than 5%the acceptable variation from the nominal is extended to 0.5%.Because of possible deleterious effects on the solder limits also are placed on the presence of 14 impurity elements.For instance,aluminum cadmium and arsenic impurities induce dewetting,and sulfur blamed for joint grittiness.However,even when the alloy’s composition is within the industry specification small variations in elemental content can affect joint aesthetics.One joint can turn out smooth and shimmy while another will display a dull an grainy appearance. To deal with these issues,paste manufacturers often impose in-house specifications that feature strict composition tolerances.Availability:Available type:it is available in Sn64.7Bi35Ag0.3 type 4 powder mesh is normally recommended,but type3, type5, type6 and type7 are all skilled and available for this alloy solder paste.SortChemical composition(wt.%)SnPbSbCuBiAgAsFeInAlCdSn64.7Bi35Ag0.3Bal.

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