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0 Presentations We supply complete EPS foam production line and turnkey project. We can upgrade the machines according to customers’ requirements. Our company floor area 18000 square meters, has four big modern workshops.Features of foam cutter machineEPS block cutting machineEPS Hot wire foam cutting machine for insultion blocksMax block size:2000-8000*1300*1300mmConnected load:22.3kw1. The machine has all advantages including the features of cutting machine, such as high strong frame, big transformer and frequency control the motor speed.2. A type machine’s width cutting are done by manual way, with single-wire. While machine adopt frequency control of motor speed and voltage adjustment device, realized multi-wire cutting and speed control.3. The main frame of this machine is welded from square profile steel with strong structure, high strength and no deformation.4. This machine has horizontal, vertical and portrait cutting devices, it can realize 3-direction cutting, which improves production efficiency. It is especially applicable to block cutting.5. This machine applies converter speed governing, which makes stable moving, and large range of step-less speed governing accordingly. Guide-rail drive makes cutting trim and flat. It applies motor-decelerator integrating system, which lowers the noise, has high practical value.6. Voltage: applies large power transformer, which promote the speed of cutting and lengthen service life.7. This machine applies cutting retract device, which can shorten 3-10 mins when replace.8. This machine applies multi-wire cross cutting setting, which can cut the block to 3mm.ItemPSC-2000PSC-4000PSC-6000PSC-8000Max block size2000*1300*13004000*1300*13006000*1300*13008000*1300*1300Connected load11.2kw11.2kw11.2kw11.2kwOverall dimension4800*1950*18506800*1950*24508800*1950*245010800*1950*2450Overall weight800kg1200kg1600kg1800kg

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