7x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

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http://www.klrope.com Type 304/316 7x7 stainless steel wire rope7x7 stainless steel wire rope consists of 7 strands each consisting of 7 single wires, all wires in all strands has same diameter. 7x7 wire rope is more flexible than 1x19 but more rigid than 7x19,  7x7 wire rope is often used where 1 x 19 lacks enough flexibility or where 7 x 19 wire rope doesn't have the strength. This particular wire rope is mainly used within the marine and engineering applications. More uses of this wire rope can be with cable cars, guardrails, rigging, marine and sewage environments and for rope slings.Nominal Diameter of the Rope(mm)Approx .WT.of the rope (kgs/100m)Nominal Tensile Strength of the Rope (Mpa)14701570167017701870Minimum Breaking load of Rope (KN)DiameterNFCSFCWCFCWCFCWCFCWCFCWCFCWCmmKg/100mK N0.450.0740.0730.0820.1160.1360.500.0920.0900.1020.1440.1680.600.1330.1300.1460.2070.2420.700.1800.1760.1990.2820.3290.800.2350.2300.2600.3680.4301.00.3670.3600.4060.6080.7101.20.5280.5180.5850.8761.0201.50.8260.8100.9131.371.591.81.1891.1661.3151.972.302.01.471.441.622.482.683.03.303.243.655.586.044.05.885.766.509.4010. Tolerances of nominal diameter will be ±0.5%; WC means Wire Core; FC means Fiber Core.

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