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http://www.klrope.com WIRE ROPE CLIPS:Kailong’s rope clips are manufactured in accordance with the DIN 741 & JIS standard. These are among the most frequently used types of rope clips. The design of these rope clips consists of a U-shaped steel rod with threaded ends. In addition, the rope clips have a saddle onto which the steel rope is placed. Tightening the nuts onto the threads results in tightening the rope clip thereby creating the connection between two ropes. We supply this rope clip with 304/316. To discerning customers, we offer a wide range of rope clips for rope diameters from 2 mm up to 26 mm.ROPE φASCHLWTmmmmmmmmmmmmkg2M315.5510190.0073M4205.510230.0124M4204.510230.0135M523410290.0176M6296.01133.50.0288M6296.515350.03710M8346.517440.06812M10408.520.5550.12414M1043921.5560.13616M1249925670.21118M12521030790.26020M12521130790.26122M12601234880.34524M12671023860.35426M146516371100.531ROPE φABHDLWWTmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkg21414.511.5M3176.50.0073161512.7M3218.50.0074191814M42310.50.0195222015M528120.0256272217.5M634140.0428342820.7M84317.50.0869403122.3M1053210.128104334.523.7M1052210.15512503927.5M126325.60.23514524531M126828.60.28516604835M1480300.40819625339M1485350.478

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