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0 Presentations The purpose of thimbles are to underline and support the eyes made by looping the exteriors of wire ropes. Thimbles create a durable wear surface & aid in supporting the wire rope eye.For durability, the use of stainless steel thimbles allows for the use in highly corrosive environments; as such, stainless steel thimbles supply additional security from erosion and deformation of the eye. Stainless steel thimbleRope (φA)BCHSLWTmmmmmmmmmmmmkg214711.50.8200.00131610160.8230.00241811171250.00352212.5201320.00562514221370.00783418291.5480.017104324371.5560.026124827.5421.5670.040145033502720.060166438552850.079186841612.5930.124207243652.51010.143227743672.51060.172247749732.51100.1983294629031340.370

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