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http://www.klrope.com Stainless steel welding wireOur stainless steel welding wires are suitable for stainless steel welding applications. SpecificationsDiameter:0.8-4.5MMTIG wire in 1000 mm / 500 mm length, and on every TIG Wire length, grade of the wire is engraved;MIG wire on spoolsMaterial Grade:304, 304L, 316, 316L, 308, 309, etc.CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF WIRE (%)Material Ni CrCSiMnSPMo3028.0-10.017.0-19.0≤≤0.03≤0.045 3048.0-10.018.0-20.0≤≤0.03≤0.045 31610.0-14.016.0-18.5≤≤0.03≤0.0452.0-3.0316L10.0-14.016.0-18.0≤≤0.03≤0.0452.0-3.0 

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