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0 Presentations Shackle is a curved piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening. Shackles are used as a link in rigging systems that are used in boats,Website:, ships and industrial cranes.As a rigging hardware supplier, we carry 2 types of shackles(D shackle & BOW shackle) in various sizes and working load limits. Both of them are made from 304/316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.D shackleSizeCHWWTmmmmmmmmkgM441580.008M5516100.014M6621120.025M8828160.057M101033200.109M121241240.181M1413.550280.296M161658320.439M201961370.728M222177441.181BOW SHACKLESizeCHWWTmmmmmmmmkgM4416120.010M5520150.020M6624180.030M8832240.080M101040300.130M121248360.224M141456420.346M161664480.370M202080600.980M222288661.350M2525100752.200

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