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0 Presentations C style silicone tube for bend glass laminationC style silicone tube(vacuum tube) is specially designed for bend glass/curved glass laminating.(Suitable for EVA vacuum heating machine or autoclave)C style silicone tube(vacuum tube) is specially designed for bend glass laminating. When laminating bend glass,Website:, use C style silicone tube to cover the edges around the bend glass, which is better than using silicone bag because the silicone bag maybe make the bend glass change the shape or broken if the bending degree is too large. What is more, if using C style silicone tube, more quantities of bend glass can be put into the laminating glass in one time despite of the size and shape like using silicone bag. We can provide the C style silicone tube 3mm+3mm, 5mm+5mm, 6mm+6mm and 10mm+10mm. Can meet the needs of all thickness of the glass.Features:* It is high anti~tearing, able to bear high temperature.* It is high flexible, inertia sufferance to avoid mucosity,bear oil & aging* Connecting vacuum pump,pump out the air and keep air pressure well in lamination.* At least 5 years service time  

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