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0 Presentations Product Name: beer faucet Information title: beer faucet Product Model : 1012005-00 Product Brand: Cmb Technical parametersbody304 Stainless steelshank304 Stainless steelPiston304 Stainless steelCompensator304 Stainless steelSpoutPlasticSurfacePolishedStructural characteristics and advantages  1, a leader of the good or bad depends on the quality of its retractable head, Yuhuan County and into the Copper retractable head is divided into three slots, four slots, mainly to control The effect of wine, most of the domestic can do. Generally do four fifty thousand before you reach this technology, the company's stainless steel telescopic head  Steel and plastic, are generally of stainless steel, the factory of all products and wine, all contact areas are stainless steel.  2, the ball tap difference is that the control switch is controlled by means of a ball, and through the nut bartending traffic.  3, the handle material is ABS, seals are NBR, nylon nozzle fastening.  4, Our products strictly controlled, test the water under pressure at 1.5-2 kg, effectively leaking faucet, switches, water status do  The test, generally leading wine will then fork out, retractable head because the wine factory uniform, not forked, good seal.  5, the surface treatment of electroplating (imported from Germany, environmental protection), general electroplating contain toxic substances.  6, pipe faucet (Stout dedicated), easy to install, quick connectors directly connected, can not regulate the flow.  7, PVD plated silver or gold, not fade, fade, wear, corrosion resistance.

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