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http://www.pvdtarget.com HAFNIUM SPUTTERING TARGET  Hafnium-based thin films made from Haohai Hafnium (Hf) sputtering target, are used as an insulator in the newer generations of semiconductors. The thin film prevents copper diffusion into silicon. Amorphous hafnium oxide has a high dielectric constant, it allows reduction of the gate leakage current and improves performance of the electronics. Our hafnium sputtering target is made from refined crystal bar which ensures low zirconium content, high purity and high reliability. Haohai Hafnium (Hf) Sputtering Targets include Hafnium planar sputtering targets.Hafnium Planar (rectangle, circular) sputtering target Manufacturing RangeRectangleLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Custom Made10 - 150010 - 4005.0 - 40CircularDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)5.0 - 4005.0 - 40SpecificationCompositionHf Purity3N5 (99.95%)Density13.31 g/cm3Grain Sizes< 150 micron or on requestFabrication ProcessesVacuum Melting, MachiningShapeMonolithic Plate, Multi-segmented TargetTypesPlate, Disc, Step, Down bolting, Threading, Custom MadeSurfaceRa 1.6 micron Other Specifications✦ Flatness, clean smooth surface, polished, free of crack, oil, dot, etc.✦ Excellent conductions, small linear expansion coefficient and good heat-resistance.  For our Hafnium sputtering targets ToleranceAcc. to drawings or on request.Impurities Content [ppm] Hafnium Content [ppm]            HfPurity [%]99.95Metallic Impurities [ppm]Al25B0.5Bi1Cd2.5Cr30Co5Fe95Mg2Mn20Mo10Nb50Ni25Si25Ti20W20Zr5Non-Metallic Impurities [ppm]C20N5O50P10Guaranteed Density [g/cm3]13.3Grain Size [μm]150Application✦ Semiconductors✦ Optical✦ Decorative 

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