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0 Presentations We supply high quality powder gun cables for imported brand powder gun.1.3pin, 5pin, 7pin2.Model: PG1, PG1-A, PG2-A, GM02, GM03,GA03.....replacement3.High quality and length can be customized4.100% can replace the original accessories328 740PG1 Manual Gun Cable(6M)360 589PG2-A Auto Gun Cable(11M)378 232EasySelect Manual Gun Cable(6M)1001 528GM02 Manual Gun Cable(6M)393 800GA02 Auto Gun Cable(11M)GM03 Manual Gun Cable(6M) Special specifications can be customized or batch processing!Features: soft foreskin, resistant to high temperature and low cold, the cable wrapping excellent toughness, good resistance to torsion, the resilience, can not only meet the high voltage electrostatic spray gun armed with the special needs of safe operation, reliability of tolerance to harsh environment, subjected to high pressure, high temperature cracking, maintain good insulation. Besides, it can meet the special needs of mobile working tools, instant in the cold northern winter weather conditions, the mobile operation can maintain good flexibility and toughness, to ensure long time operation is flexible and easy, not fatigue.

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