ECG Lead Wires

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0 Presentations Product Feature1.Med-link ECG lead wires include snap type and clip type, din plug type and banana plug type.2.ECG cables have different connectors, such as: DB15M, round, rectangle, could directly match with original ECG monitor, no need to have extra adapter. 3.Lead wires with double shielding make the interference noise to minimum.4.Products using TPU (polyurethane) to make the product even more soft, comfortable and flexible, compared to PVC jacket, the lead wire is more wear-resistant, longer life.5.FDA, TUV ISO 13485, CE approved. 6.The most splitters of the wires are injection molding, durable and anti-abrasion Product Function ECG cables and Lead wires connect with electrodes and ECG patient monitor, keep continuous ECG monitoring. 

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