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http://www.szfulianda.net BEV car are used widely now.but one important problem is that the continuation of the journey kilometers will be shorter more in winter and it is difficult to fully charged of the battery in very cold environment.The reason is the lithium battery can not work well in cold environment.And long-term in-depth study and discussion with several automotive battery manufacturer,We found silicone heater or kapton heater can solve this battery problem.Many benefits are follow1)Silicone heating pad and kapton heating pad both are very thin.It do not need more space.The heater can be sticked outside the battery pack2)Both of this two kinds of heater are flexible and can be made to many shape3)temperature raising fast.It is resistance heater,so electrical energy directly transform into thermo energy4)Heat dissipation is fast,because the heater is very thin,and heat can not be accumulated for long time.5)The lifespan is longer,generally,it is about 5-10 years.6)OEM and ODM is welcome.So if your battery factory have the above problem,please contact us.We will give you our best suggestion.Fulianda Heater, known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various heaters, now brings you oem vehicle battery pack warmer/heating pad for car battery pack made in China at cheap price. Enjoying the properties of fast and even heating, high flexibility and lasting service time, this heater deserves your trust. In order to cater to customers' needs, our factory also offer customized service.

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