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http://www.bearinglbr.com YRT Slewing BearingsFeatures:YRT turntable bearings are consists of two thrust roller bearings and a radial cylindrical roller bearing,Website:http://www.bearinglbr.com, for conditions of high-precision requirements and support joint loading, sustain radial loads, axial loads in both directions and overturning moment. The standard is negative axial clearance state,with features of high-precision, strong rigidity, high carry capacity. Applicable to conditions of low speed, short run-time, high requirements of rigidity and accuracy.Applications:Used in construction crane, high-precision CNC turntable, dividing head, aerospace, other high-precision field in measurement and testing.ModelNameFeaturesYRTSlewing BearingsUsed for axial and radial loads carrying mechanism. High sloped rigidity and extremely high accuracy make it suitable for overturn tables, chuck and iron cutter head, as well as other bearings configuration in measurement and test. Bearings of this type have high request to the matching equipment parts.

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