Nickle Electroplating Connectors

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0 Presentations Nickle Electroplating ConnectorsCu/Ep.Cu2bNi3b.CsCu/Ep.Cu4bNi5b.CsDescription:Nickle Electroplating Connectors,Website:, plating method is divided into hanging plating (automatic line) and barrel plating two kinds, the use of high-frequency pulse power, dry by drying Road, get mirror bright coating. Nickle Electroplating Connectors coating low porosity, excellent corrosion resistance, low brittleness, good ductility. 200,000 pieces / day for plating and 2 tons / day for barrel plating.Workshop:Certificate:     Equipment:We can provide:·Coating SGS Report·X - ray fluorescence thickness measurement·Salt spray test Corrosion resistance report·Analysis of Metal Concentration in Electroplating Solution     

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