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http://www.risingsunmembranes.com RisingSun Membrane is a professional manufacturer of spiral PVDF UF membrane element for electrocoating process. E-coating is another name for electrocoating,Website:http://www.risingsunmembranes.com, electropainting, or electrophoretic lacquering. We have more than 15 years in membrane production and applications, and hope to become your good business partner.Product Introduction: 1. Membrane material: PVDF 2. Configuration: spiral-wound, with fiberglass outer wrapProduct Application: E-COAT Anodic/Cathodic Paint recover in Automobile, home appliances, metal furniture, jewelry and other industries.Decoding of our products codes:SEG-UF-7640ConfigurationApplicationOuter WrapMembrane TypeMembrane MaterialSize  E-COATS=SANITARY NETUltrafiltrationF=PVDF   N=PAN4020 4.0"×20"  G=GLASS FIBER4040 4.0"×40"SPIRALF=FLANGE5640 5.6"×40"  P= PVC HOUSING INTEGRATED7640 7.6"×40"   8040 8.0"×40"Our Advantages: 1. All membrane products manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facilities. 2. Reliable membrane material provides a robust performance in either Anodic/Cathodic electrocoat process conditions. 3. We can offer cost-saving replacement membranes for all brands in the world including KOCH, Nanostone, Parker, AMI, Synder, Microdyn Nadir…. 4. OEM service is available. 5. Short delivery time. 6. Testing sample is available.

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