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0 Presentations Guitar Pickups MagnetsMagnets and pickups do not have sounds, a magnet's sonic result in guitar pickups application depends primarily on the strength of the magnet. Ceramic magnets are usually stronger than their Alnico counterpart. The magnets and output, and wire for that matter, can all be used to balance each other out. We offer AlnicoⅡ,Ⅲ,and Ⅴ and Ceramic 8,the following chart shows the respective magnets's properties:MaterialBr(KGs)Hcb(Oe)Hcj(Oe)BHmax(MGOe)Density(g/cm3)Alnico27.06006301.67.2Alnico36.55505501.27.2Alnico512.06006005.07.3Ceramic83.9300032003.54.8

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