Removal Of Heavy Metals And Toxins From The Body

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0 Presentations Product Name: Removal of heavy metals and toxins from the body Zeolite healthy ProductsProduct Features:Natural zeolite health products have the following functions●The removal of heavy metals, heavy metal adsorption, removal of heavy metals, chemicals in the human body and toxin.●Sterilization: kill bacteria and inhibit pathogen growth.●Odour removal: ammonia adsorption in the human body, it has good deodorizing and deodorization effect.●Youth recovery: activate cells, complement the human body needs minerals and trace elements.●Increase immunity: capture free radicals, prevent oxidation of in vivo molecular damage, improve immune function, and improve the immunity of the human body.●Treating dermatophytosis: a good deodorant, with the exception of smell. Such as effectiveness. Effective cure sweaty feet, smelly feet and athlete's foot (athlete's foot) within 2 weeks.

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