NF1/NF2/NF3 Flat Sheet Membrane (MWCO:150 - 400

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0 Presentations RisingSun Membrane provides flat sheet membrane cover all cross-flow filtration processes:Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration.Nanofiltration membranes have a molecular weight cut-off range of 100 – 1000 Daltons, our NF1, NF2, NF3 is equivalent to DOW FILMTEC's NF90, NF245, NF270 flat sheet membrane, which have a MWCO from 100 – 400 Dalton. For the detail, please see below table:NF  membrane ModelRejection   (%)Flow  Rate   (LMH)Replacement  ReferenceBrandModelNF1≥99.055DOW  FILMTECNF90NF2≥98.040NF245NF3≥97.065NF270Flow rate and rejection are based on below testing conditions:   2000 ppm MgSO4, 70psi(0.48MPa), 25℃;Typical Applications: Water softening Whey desalination Acid and caustic recovery; Precious-metals recovery; Dye concentration, desalination;Benefits: 1. DOW FILMTEC's NF flat sheet membranes meet US Food and drug administration regulations for indirect contact with food, making them ideal for dairy and food-grade separations, purification, desalting, de-watering, and the concentration of liquid foods. 2. High water flux to reduced energy and costs. 3. Testing sample is available.

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