RF5057 Butyl Octyl Diphenylamine Antioxidant

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http://www.richfullube.com ●Product IntroductionRF5057 butyl octyl diphenylamine is an excellent high-temperature antioxidant, it has good thermal stability, prominent oxidation resistance under high temperature, good oil solubility as well as compatibility to other additives. It can be widely used for high-grade ICE lubricants, heat conducting oils, high-temp. chain oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, turbine oils and other industrial lubricant oil, all kinds of lubricating grease and fuel oil,, the general dosage is 0.3-0.5%.●Product Quality CharacteristicsQuality Characteristics and Test Methods of ProductItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearanceLight yellow/ brown clear liquidVisual InspectionFlash Point (COC), ℃,198ASTM D92Kinematic Viscosity, 100℃ mm2/s10ASTM D445Density (20℃), kg/m3971ASTM D4052Base Number, mgKOH/g179ASTM D2896N Content, m %4.5ASTM D3228Moisture, m %0.02ASTM D95●FeaturesDifferent alkyl substitution is rationally arranged and controllable;Lower free amine content, less than 1%;Good compatibility, more significant effect when compounded used with amine-type antioxidants●Packing, Storage and TransportThe product is packed with iron barrels, 180kg/barrel or other packing methods consulting with clients.Suitable for truck transport, railway transport and ocean transport.The temperature of storage and transportation shall not surpass 45℃. The shelf life of product is 2 years.

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