Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel

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0 Presentations Grinding Wheel for Stainless SteelAbrasive Material: Premium Aluminum Oxide  Type: Depressed Center Grinding Disc ( T27 )  Features:Soft disc with high grinding power. Fast and cool cut. Material is not colored during operation.   Application: For stainless steel, alloy materials, naval steel in general grinding works, and on welding lines and surface grinding.EN 12413*80m/s.  WA24RBFCodeDiameter x Thickness x Hole            Max.RPMP/BoxSC1006016IN100x6x16mm.4x1/4x5/8 inches15,00025SC1156022IN115x6x22.2mm.4-1/2x1/4x7/8 inches13,00025SC1256022IN125x6x22.2mm.5x1/4x7/8 inches12,20025SC1506022IN150x6x22.2mm.6x1/4x7/8 inches10,10025SC1806022IN180x6x22.2mm.7x1/4x7/8 inches8,50025SC2306022IN230x6x22.2mm.9x1/4x7/8 inches6,50025SOFT HARDNESS-STAINLESS STEEL

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