SS Honeycomb Filter And EMC Testing Room

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0 Presentations SS honeycomb filter,Website:, EMC testing room shielded honeycomb ventWaveguide vents use honeycomb media mounted in a stainless steel frame designed for solder or screw mounting. Integral Earth isolation allows for conventional air-conditioning duct connection.The waveguide vent provides maximum RF attenuation while allowing optimum airflow. Waveguide vents are available to suit individual requirements. Soldering waveguide windows use imported tin-plating to press molding, to ensure the quality while transport and assembly process and guarantee the shielding effect.Specifications:Cell size(mm):1.6,3.2,6.4,or specifiedDimension(mm):300*300,600*600,1000*1000Core thickness(mm):5-300Standard thickness(mm):6.35,12.7,25.4,30,40,45Wall thickness(mm): 0.08mm, 0.13mmWe can also produce various customized specification for civil or military use according to customer`s The shielding ventilated window of entire welding type of honeycomb style uses the high-tech of weld, it's guarantees that the honeycomb hole can not be jam even the honeycomb hole in the very small hole situation; The material of entire-welding type honeycomb window uses high electric conduction and magnetic conductive material, therefore the performance of shield is very good, the structural style of window is entire-welding type.

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