USB Port Digital ACS Tabletop High Precision

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0 Presentations For example, I need to count the quantity of my business card in plastic bowl.1.Power on the scale2. Put on small quantity, here I put 6 cards on the plate 3.Press the quantity you had put on plate (here I need to press [6] ) and press [SAMPLE] key Scale will calculate the unit weight of each card.  4.Now, we can put the rest cards on plate, the scale will show you the quantity.5.You can save the unit weight if you need to weigh same goods in future.Press [SAVE]6.Press [M1], [M2], [M3] or [M4]Next time if you need to count the same goods, you just need to power on the scale and press memory key [M1], [M2], [M3] or [M4]Then you put on the goods you need to count, the scale will show you the quantity.

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