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http://www.tymecfurnace.com If you are looking for reliable industrial 80t electric arc furnace for steelmaking,Website:http://www.tymecfurnace.com, steel industry, and for melting stell from China 80t electric arc furnace manufacturers, suppliers and company, or if you are checking small 80t electric arc furnace price, please feel free to contact TYMEC.Electric arc furnace (EAF) from TYMEC is popular with High impendence technology to realize long arc melting to save energy; besides, electric furnace-door carbon and Oxygen lance and furnace-wall coherent jet Oxygen lance are adopted for general energy utilization technology.Main Technical Parameters for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)Sn.Capacity (T)Shell dia.(mm)Transformer   (MVA)Primary voltage            (V)Secondary voltage            (V)Secondary current             (A)Electrode dia.        (mm)Shell wt (with lining) (t)150φ 520035 35490-28050518φ 500(UHP)~12040 35547-33051320φ 600(UHP)45 35580-36053022φ 600(UHP)260φ 540035 35490-28050518φ 500(UHP)~13540 35547-32051320φ 600(UHP)50 35610-38054500φ 600(UHP)370φ 560035 35490-28050518φ 500(UHP)~15040 35547-32051320φ 600(UHP)55 35630-40059913φ 600(UHP)480φ 580040 35547-32051320φ 500(UHP)~16550 35610-38054500φ 600(UHP)60 35650-41062983φ 600(UHP)590φ 600050 35610-38054500φ 500(UHP)~18560 35650-41062983φ 600(UHP)90 35840-50075306φ 600(UHP)6100φ 620055 35630-40059913φ 600(UHP)~20070 35710-48069682φ 600(UHP)100 35910-54077498φ 600(UHP)90 35840-50075306φ 600(UHP)110 35980-58079385φ 600(UHP)

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