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Commercial & Residential Skylights

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WHY WASCO SKYLIGHTS: Founded in 1935, Wasco is a family-owned company with New England roots Wasco provides the quickest product turnaround and continual support from inception to completed project for architects and contractors. Able to create and tailor flexible custom programs Creator of the revolutionary E-Class Skylight which features a patented, one-piece curb-frame/flashing design for easy, weather-tight installation Wasco’s Architectural Series custom residential skylights receive the coveted American Building Products Award from the editors of Home Magazine

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AIA Registered Provider of Continuing Education Credits Available Presentations for Architects and Home / Building Designers: 1. High Performance Schools 2. Daylighting 3. Nanogel

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Complete Range of Residential & Commercial Skylights RESIDENTIAL E-Class “Self-Flashing” Skylights Curb Mount Architectural Series “Custom Skylights” COMMERCIAL Offering a full line of quality structural skylights with a wide range of glazing, finishing and limitless design provides customization versatility for all commercial skylighting projects.

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E-Class® “The Original Self-Flashing Skylight”

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THE BENEFITS OF E-CLASS SKYLIGHTS READY TO GO... RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! No Mastics, No Step Flashing, No Sealants Designed to deliver more light per rough opening and install in LESS TIME than any of the leading brands. Choose either Venting or Fixed styles, in standard and custom sizes Patented “Ultraseal” System creates an impenetrable water barrier

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Wasco Skylights with Nanogel

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Energy Efficiency – NANOGEL® NANOGEL is a very light, highly-porous form of silica aerogel that is 97% air...The amazing thing about silica aerogel is how well it insulates even while transmitting high quality diffused light. Great thermal insulator for energy savings -Almost 6x the thermal value! insulates to R-8 per inch (25mm) Transmits full spectrum diffused light

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Energy Efficiency – NANOGEL®

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Full spectrum diffused light increases learning ability Test Scores Natural Diffused Light Direct Natural Light with Glare 20% – 26% Increase 20% Decrease Artificial Light

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Energy Efficiency – NANOGEL® Will not support growth of mold, mildew or fungus Reduces sound transmission Completely moisture resistant Performance won’t deteriorate over time Meets stringent building codes for thermal insulation and light transmission without trade-offs.

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Energy Efficiency – NANOGEL® Environmentally Friendly

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Architectural Series Custom Skylights

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Arched Spherical Pyramid Planar • Wasco’s award-winning Architectural Series offers lightweight framed residential skylighting systems that give you a custom look at an affordable cost.

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Hurricane/Impact Resistant Skylights

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HURRICANE RESISTANT GLASS SKYLIGHTS Available for Wasco Architectural Series Custom Residential Skylights The largest selection of types, styles and sizes available Meets all Dade County, IBC/IRC, Florida and Texas Dept. of Insurance protocols and other stringent state building codes for skylights installed in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications.

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HURRICANE RESISTANT GLASS SKYLIGHTS Looks like ordinary glass, but hurricane-resistant glass shields against damage from wind-borne debris, accidental impacts, forced entry, even unwanted noise. Made of heat strengthened low-E lites permanently bonded with one or more layers of PET film and durable PVB (plasticized polyvinyl butyral) resin sheeting. In exhaustive impact tests, broken glass fragments have adhered to the bonded plastic vinyl interlayer, reducing the risk of injury, shattered glass and breaching the building envelope.

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HURRICANE RESISTANT GLASS SKYLIGHTS Wasco E-Class Hurricane Resistant Windows with its layers of PET film and PVB laminated between heat strengthened low-E lites, the hurricane-resistant glass in Wasco SkyWindow skylights won’t shatter or break apart.

Summary: Wasco Skylights offers wide selection of trouble free residential and commercial skylights at competitive prices.

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