SPACE!!! by Christabel


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The solar system By Christabel

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Pluto Pluto is a dwarf planet. It is very small compared to other planets. We are lucky to have our solar system. Ceres is a very small planet as well. Pluto and Ceres are the smallest planets of all.

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Light speed Light speed is a very fast speed It has a rule, if anyone travels the same speed as light speed, all your friends and family will be dead or very old.

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Mars Mars may have living things on it. It is so interesting that room 12 is doing a play about Martians!

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Jupiter Jupiter is the biggest planet of all. It is a good experience to our class room, room 12! Our very cool teacher: Mr Benson, is very experienced.

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Saturn. Saturn is a ringed planet. It has a kind of creamed colour. Its rings made of ice and rock. Neptune has got rings to!

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