LED Lighting Presentation


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BENEFITS OF USING LED TECHNOLOGY Reduced power consumption by up to 80% Power directed to light, not heat No light pollution – direct coherent light source with a high contrast at lower levels and zero light overspill Significantly reduced carbon emissions Pure light – excellent visual acuity. Ideal for CCTV covered areas Enhanced comfort levels Long lifespan – 15 years:- low maintenance cost on bulb replacements and disposals Impact resistant casing reduces the effects of vandalism Proven technology in a cost effective package

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SOLAR LED LIGHTING Solar LED Lights are ideal for Car Parks A mains supply is not required Lower Installation Costs Self contained units requiring minimal maintenance

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BENEFITS OF USING LED TECHNOLOGY Technical Specification – 7 x 250 Watt SON’s replaced by Saturn 48 Watt LED Light Units

Summary: LED Lights save electricity and reduce carbon emissions. This presentation shows examples of LED Lights in a variety of business premises.

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