Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 im. Marii Konopnickiej w Kielcach


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What happens in our school during a school year?

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We discover tourist values of our region – The Holy Cross Mountains. We get used to an active way of spending free time. We integrate children in classes.

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We have arrived at CIEKOTY- our destination point at last! Time for a meal!

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And now it`s time to do some exercises.

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„The Warsaw Uprising- your and my history” We develop patriotic feelings. What is the value of The Warsaw Uprising to me?

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The ideals presented by the patron of our school (Polish writer and poet) are also the ideals of people of the 21st century. Among them the most important are justice, equal rights, respect for pride and fondness of truth.

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We are aquainted with the value of The School Banner. Now we have the right to belong to the school society.

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What is the role of learning in our life? Is education common? Do we respect the job of our teachers, tutors, the headmaster and the staff? Do we maintain bonds of friendship among students, their parents, the teachers and the retired teachers?

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We remember about generations that devoted their lives for freedom of our mother land. We appreciate that freedom. We are proud of our national heroes.

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We love freedom, peace and justice. We have our own national pride. We remember about generatios that fought for independence of Poland.

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We know the writings of Maria Konopnicka very well. We develop our artistic sensitivity and organizational skills.

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We learn about Santa Claus and his life. We seek information about Santa Claus traditions in different countries. We are more sensitive to other people’s needs .

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We cultivate Polish traditions. We integrate the school society and friends of the school. We learn about Christian traditions and values connected with Christmas in various countries.

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They help integrate children in our school . We learn social rules. We improve our organizational skills and responsibility

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„Come to our common-room more often, and you will have more friends and adventurous life.

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We want to be a fully integrated school. We present our skills, knowledge and achievements. We learn rules of cultural and proper rivalry

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The test is: -common and all the students of the sixth form of primary schools have to sit it; -compulsory, you have to sit it to complete school. The aim of the test is: -check skills essential in everyday life; -check skills indispensable on the higher level of education; -describe strong points of each student and point out weeker ones.

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What is the whole world like? The Earth is a part of the Universe. We distinctly remember balance between biosphere and men. We know all the threats to our planet – the Earth We take care of the environment!

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We develop planning skills. We develop sensitivity, creativity and artistic skills. We are able to present ourselves in public.

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What is the influence of group games on creating cooperation in a group? What is the influence of group games on developing responsibility for the result of a team? Can we promote our success gained during various tournaments?

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Are we aware of the meaning of The Constitution of May 3rd for our grandparents, parents and for us? We appreciate freedom and social equality.

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We deal with issues of European education. We seek information about the EU countries. We understand the importance of cooperation among people of different nations. We have conditions to conscious participation in life of our country, Europe and the whole world.

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It is usually an outdoor event with competitions, entertainment, things to buy for pupils and their families. We are proud to cultivate our school’s traditions We can observe positive aspekts of rivalry – The School Prize.

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We appreciate the role of sport in our general development. We are aware of the values of an active lifestyle. We abide by „fair-play”rules. We learn how to behave safely during sports and games.

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We cultivate our school’s traditions. We treat school ideals as our collection of principles and values. We are proud of belonging to the group of school-leavers of Primary school No 2 in Kielce.

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