Emma: My facts about space !


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My facts about space !

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Mercury! People think mercury is hot but it’s not, scientist think that Mercury has ice on it. It is also the closest to the moon. It is named after the roman god for messenger.

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Venus! Venus and Mercury are the only planets not to have moons. It is the second planet from the sun.

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Earth! Earth has on moon and Neal Armstrong was the first Man to walk on it. Earth is the only planet to have life.

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Mars! Mars is the last planet of the inner solar system and is sometimes called the red planet. On mars surface it is like a desert. It is the fourth plant from the sun. It is the planet we are most likely to live on.

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Jupiter! Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system, it is 318 times bigger than earth you could fit every planet in the solar system in it. It is the 5th planet from the sun.

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Uranus! Uranus is on its side once it got hit by an astroid. It is light blue. Neptune is a twin to Uranus

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Neptune! Neptune is a twin to Uranus. It is blue because of all the methane gas covering it.

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Black holes! Nothing even light can’t escape them. The Hubble space telescope takes pictures of black hole.

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Dwarf planets Do you know that there use to be a planet called Pluto in our solar system. It is a dwarf planet it has a twin called Ceres.

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