Career Campaign 2000 Resume Writing Workshop


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Student Success Workshop Resume Development Facilitator: Dr. Carolyn Stewart Broward College October 22, 2009

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What is a Resume? Brief sketch or summary of your background Provides info re abilities, education, experience, special skills and training

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Purpose of the Resume Selling tool Communicate strengths Make an impression Get an interview

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Resume Formats Chronological Most widely used to show growth in skills Logical flow, easy to read Functional Organizes experience, emphasizing skills Combination Highlights most relevant skills Targeted Personalized to company Shows research

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Parts of the Resume General Information Summary of Skills Work Experience Education Other

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General Information Name Address Phone Number Work Number Cellular Number E-mail Address

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Summary of Skills Gold nuggets Most important things that you can offer your next employer 3 – 5 highlights Get employer to read the rest of your resume

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Education School / College Degree / Certificate/ Diploma Date Awards / Honors Activities

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Work Experience Name of Organization City, State Job Title Dates Description 2 or 3 supportive statements Emphasize accomplishments, outcomes, skills developed. and quantify results.

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Examples of experience Employment: Full-time, Summer and/or Part-time Activities: College, Volunteer, Leadership, Community Internships/Co-ops Field Experience/Practicum/Student Teaching Research Group Projects Athletics International Study

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Describing experiences . . . Write one sentence at a time Keep sentences short Choose words carefully Begin each sentence with action words Avoid repetitious use of words Present specific achievements

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Other headings . . . Professional Affiliations Honors and Achievements Extracurricular Activities Community Involvement Special Skills Objective Summary of Qualifications Career Summary Experience Awards Computer Skills Technical Qualifications

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Tips Avoid two pages if too spread out Use best printer available Consistent sentence structure No grammar or spelling errors Proofread Easy to read Conservative print and font Bold for headings and job titles Quality paper 8 1/2 x 11 White or cream paper Matching stationary for cover letters

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Resume Taboos AVOID: Including writing or other samples Humor “References provided upon request” Political comments Personal data Slang/profanity Unusual e-mail addresses

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For further assistance Call (954)201-6612 Visit Central Campus Bldg. 19 Rm 116 Visit

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