Ten Top Internet Uses For Education


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Ten Top Internet Uses by Barbara Richardson

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Research The number one use for the Internet is research. Tired of going to the library, looking through magazines. Just type in your topic and hundreds of topics ideas will be at your fingertips. Some popular search engines are Google and Yahoo.

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Email Do you hate waiting on the mailman, wondering when or if your letter will arrive? Email is the answer. It is an electronic form of communication and the message is sent with just the click of a mouse. Popular sites for email are EarthLink and AOL.

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Wikis What a funny sounding word, what are they? Well they are a collaborative web page where anyone can add or edit content that has already been published. Anyone can start one. Students love them!! Popular sites Wikipedia and WikiHistory

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Social Networking Would like you like to know what your friends in California are doing, or how about your favorite actress? Try social networking. It is online community of individuals who share interest and activities. It can build a link between different people. Popular sites Facebook and FriendFinder.

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Weblogs This sounds like something you should be afraid of but it is very friendly. They are called blogs for short and they are website that allow individuals to express their feelings and others can also state their point of view. Popular sites Twitter and Blogger

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Online Schools Do you still want to get a degree, but you do not have the time to drive to class? Try online schools you can get an education without leaving home. Classes are taken through the Internet. There are instructors to answer questions and other students participating as well. Popular online schools are University of Phoenix and Troy University

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Social Bookmarking This is a great way to organize, manage, and save web pages. When doing research it cuts down on the search time because sites with similar information can be tagged together. Popular sites are Diigo and Furl

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Podcast Is this something from outer space ? No, it is just a series of files (either audio or video), that is syndicated through the web. They are easy to use and fun. I made one for my class to discuss a topic when I was absent. Popular sites Apple I Tunes and Zune

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Virtual Field Trips Because of the vast budget cuts many schools are turning to Virtual Field Trips. They are guided trips through prescreen web that explore various subjects. Popular sites Tramline and efieldtrips

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Online Photo Galleries This is a great way to keep up with the pictures for the year book or share pictures with family and friends. It is an easy way to organize and display photos. Popular sites Flickr and Smugmug

Summary: This is EDU 6606 Fall 2009 It is a listing of my top uses for the Internet

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