Assessment s1


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A unit case study in s1 Finding space – Involving students in assessment

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Background 12/13 week rotation Student choice at end of s1 Student feedback Strong competition in social subjects End of unit test

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1. What do students want to learn about?

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Assessment Mapping via electronic games based learning (peer/teacher) Samba songs (peer) Using Etherpad for collaborative writing/debate (peer/teacher) Group Favelas Activity (self/peer)

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Games based assessment Construction of questions (knowledge) Accuracy of map (knowledge) Playability (skills, especially literacy) Peer feedback discussion Example game and post on peer assessment Time to evidence?? Homework via blog/wiki/edmodo/glow?

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Samba Songs Analysis of video and text to learn about the people and culture of Brazil Group song/poem / rap encompassing carnival ‘enredo’ for assessment ‘Enredo’ focuses around international and internal migrations Class and teacher feedback on content and presentation A five point self assessment exercise as a period starter Comparison with previous learning/ end of unit assessment

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Etherpad Collaborative real time writing Anonymous debate Teacher monitors groups and conversation Colour coded contributions Developing literacy Problems- technical, link abuse, appropriate feedback??

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How does it look?

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Favelas Activity

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Assessment of the task Assessment of group decisions (video) Assessment criteria set before the task begins e.g. Free standing, waterproof, design features etc Class feedback and vote Staff member other than teacher to assess Self assessment of task after completion (deep learning)

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Comparisons Pupils aware of skills they were using – teamwork, interaction with classmates, awareness of role, problem solving a feeling that work was valued (class survey and self assessment) Knowledge of real life enhanced- crime, time, interdependence, aesthetics v shelter, lack of resources Student interest/ questioning

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End of Unit! Extended answers improved, especially on migrations involving Black Africans Better awareness of alternative viewpoints in Amazon conflicts Variety in responses We want the marks!

Summary: For discussion group