How to Run a Bobcat!


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How to Run a Bobcat! By Brandan Fish

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Step 1 You will need to purchase yourself a bobcat Get in and pull the bar down Then you will have to put the key in the ignition and wait for the glow plugs to warm up if you have a diesel If you have a gas bobcat then you can just turn it over right away

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Step 2 After you have it started and the bar pulled down your about ready to start doing some work. If you have a newer bobcat there is a safety switch so if you lift the bar up it puts a lock on the wheels so they cant go You will need to push the Locke button in the top left corner of the cab That will unlock the wedge from the wheels

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Step 3 You are ready to do some work!

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Step 4 First of all you might want to know some of the controls to make the bobcat move and forward, backward and side to side. And also how to make the bucket go up and down and tilt it. To make the bobcat move forward you push the left and right joystick forward you push it forward further the faster you want to go. Same for reverse but for reverse you pull it back.

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Step 4 Continued Then to go left or right you pull the joysticks in opposite directions. Such as to go left you pull back the left joystick and push forward the right joystick.

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Step 5 You also can raise the bucket and tilt it. How you do this is by the two foot pedals on the floor of the skid steer To raise the bucket you push the left foot pedal forward and to lower it you push the left pedal down And then to tilt the bucket you push forward to tilt it towards the ground. And then to tilt it back you push down.

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The End! I hope this is enough to teach you how to run a bobcat