BASEES 2014 conference highlights by Yulia Sergaeva


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5-7 April 2014 Panel “Russian Culture & Mentality through the English language”

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Venue: Fitzwilliam College

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Fitzwilliam College campus

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Accommodation and venue: Churchill colledge

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Churchill’s memorial “It's certainly an unusual honour and a distinction that a college bearing my name should be added to the ancient and renowned foundations which together form the University of Cambridge.” Sir Winston Churchill, 17 October, 1959

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I trust and believe that this College, this seed that we have sown, will grow to shelter and nurture generations who may add most notably to the strength and happiness of our people, and to the knowledge and peaceful progess of the world. 'The mighty oak from an acorn towers; A tiny seed can fill a field with flowers.' —Sir Winston Churchill, speech at the site of the future Churchill College, 17 October 1959.

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Panel “Russian Culture and Mentality through the English language

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“Russia-oriented names as a global naming trend” by Yulia Sergaeva, PhD Herzen University, Saint Petersburg, Russia Personal names «…penetrate the core of our being and are a form of poetry, storytelling, magic, and compressed history» [Kaplan, Bernays, 1999:13]. The question is, what form of storytelling is it when a name is borrowed from the other culture?

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Glimpses of the conference

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Cultural and scientific heritage of Cambridge L.Wittgenstein’s house The oldest pub where the DNA’s invention was announced

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The King’s Chapel

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Punting past the College Backs

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Guarding the traditions

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Discussing the problems of Russian language and World Englishes