winter wonderland


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Slide 1

Winter Wonderland Makeover!

Slide 2

Step One! Add the Aqua Fluid Eyeliner!

Slide 3

Step two! Then put the Sky Blue Eye Kohl onto your medoll!

Slide 4

Step Three! After put the White Collection Shade Stick on! Tip: For a more brighter white effect, go over it again!

Slide 5

Step Four! Now, add the Blue Eye shadow!

Slide 6

Step Five! To add more shade go over the blue eye shadow with the white shade stick again!

Slide 7

Step Six! Also add the electric pink lipstick! Tip: Any other bright and bold lipstick will also be great!

Slide 8

Step Seven! Add Mascara too!

Slide 9

Step Eight! Change or add a wintery hairstyle/hair colour or highlights!

Slide 10

Step 9!!! – Final Step!!! Add Accessories!

Slide 11

Made By…. Liverpoollover6 =] Model: FloridaBabe100

Summary: Click it for the text and pics to come up. This is completely made by me for stardoll. I hope you enjoy it! Liverpoollover6