Campaign For God


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bmstaylor (7 years ago)

Love this - The photo backgrounds - the God statements - and the music is beautiful. Very moving and thought provoking presentation. What is the name of the piano music?

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Hi! The following advertisements are from a press campaign by the church of Singapore. I hope you like them …

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Please, do not drink when you drive -- You are not ready to see me yet. God.

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Can you imagine what air would cost if someone else provided it? God

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What do I have to do to get your attention? Put an ad in the paper? God

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Earth people, do not treat me like a martian. God

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I thought about making the world black and white. But then I said ... naaah! God

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If you missed the dawn that I made for you today, it does not matter. I will make you another tomorrow. God

Slide 8

How can you be a self-made-man? I remember making you in my image. God

Slide 9

If you think Michaelangelo is amazing, you should see my masterpiece. Just look in the mirror. God

Slide 10

Do not forget your umbrella. I have to water the plants. God

Slide 11

In my opinion, you are the most beautiful creature in the world OK, I’m biased. God

Slide 12

Come to my house on Sunday before the game. God

Slide 13

Come and bring the children. God

Slide 14

What part of “Thou shalt not ...” don’t you understand? God

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We need to talk. God

Slide 16

I love weddings, invite me to yours. God

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This “Love thy neighbor”... I meant it. God Al Mendoza

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I love you, and you, and you, and you, and you ... God

Slide 19

The road you choose ... Will you take me with you? God

Slide 20

Follow me. God

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… and when you want to know what God is saying … Read The Bible Have you read my best seller? It tells quite a story. God

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With pleasure I will carry your cross -- come and follow Me. God

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You are not alone, you have me God

Slide 24

Trust in me God

Slide 25

I want the best in life for you God Al Mendoza

Slide 26

Put yourself in my hands and see what I can do God Al Mendoza

Slide 27

I am looking out for you – will you please follow me? God

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Don’t drop me. God Al Mendoza I hope you share this message … God bless you.