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Moscow’s Subway Station The Subway station in Moscow deserves a special visit … Please Enjoy !

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Baumanskaya Inaugurating in 1930, the Moscow’s Subway, has a length of 256km and contains 138 stations which are the most beautiful stations in the center of the city .

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Baumanskaya Moscow’s Subway deserves a special visit. The visitor has the impression of being in a palace with great halls.

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Belorusskaya Full of lamps and marble, the exquisite decoration, the plaques and mosaics, the columns and sculpture… remind great moments in the history of the old and new Russia.

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Belorusskaya At the station of the Revolution Plaza, the bronze statues represent the red guard of October 1917. At the Komsomolskaïa you will see the statue of Koutouzov and the Napoleon’s Victorious. At the Kievskaïa …Peter The Great at the battle of Poltava. At the station of Teatralnaïa… figures of dancers from all the republics of the nation, along with flower crowns.

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Dobrininskaya The Moscow’s subway was the best shelter for thousands of people during World War II. It’s impressive size explains the absence of stairways and the great number of elevators.

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Dynamo Year after year, new stations are opened…and their lines are reaching the neighborhoods far away.

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Electrozavodskaya The Moscow’s Subway Station has 9 colored identification lines to ease the orientation of the visitors.

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Kievskaya Moscow’s Subway works from 5h.30 a.m. to 1h.30a.m. and the interval between every train are of 1 minute. During the night it takes a little longer than a minute.

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Kievskaya Click to view more pictures. Enjoy.

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Park Kultury

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Ploshad Revolutia

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Prospekt Mira

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Taganskaya The End

Summary: Moscow Subway Station

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