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On the paths of Great War Greece

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Hello, dear friends we are pupils from Greece and we would like to introduce ourselves to all of you, giving you our identity cards

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Name: Elisabeth D. Birthday:17/06 Hobbies: badminton, dance Age:11 My favourite food:mousaka My favourite colour:purple My favourite game:jungle speed My favourite animal:cats My favourite singer:rihhanna My favourite book: Harry Poter Family Members:4 My best friends: Maritina, Galini My favorite subject: language Description: cat women

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Name:Eugenia bagklaridou Birthday:26/8/2003 Hobbies:listen music,volleyball Age:11 My favourite food: Beef red vine My favourite colour:blue,red My favourite game:Nintendo DS My favourite animals:dog,cat My favourite singer:Lady Gaga Family members:My mum my dad 2 sisters and 2 brothers My best friends:Maria and Teta My favourite subject:Computer science Description:I have blonde hair and honey eyes

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Name:Konstantina Birthday:27/4/2003 Hobbies:Table Tennis Age:11 My favourite food:schnitzel My favourite colour:blue My favourite game:uno My favourite animal:Panda My favourite singer:Cory Monteith My favourite book:Threat to the races Family members:my mum , my dad and my sister My best friend: Marilena , Christina My favourite subject:computer science Description:I have got brown eyes and brown hair.

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Konstantina Name: Konstantina Micheli Birthday:16/09/2003 Hobbies: tennis, volleyball and piano Age:11 My favourite food: fillet My favourite colour: blue, green My favourite game: Nitendo 3D My favourite animal: dog, horse, cat My favourite singer: Zendaya My favourite book: The Guard of my Dreams Family members: My Dad, my Mum and my sister My best friends: Ioanna, Maritina, Marilena My favourite subject: Science Description: My hairs are blond, my eyes are blue with gray and I am tall and I am a happy person.

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Name: Jim K. Birthday:22/7/2003 Hobbies: football Age:11 My favourite food: pizza My favourite color: black and white My favourite game: pes 11 My favourite animal: dog My favourite singer: sakis rouvas My favourite book: little prince Family members: 6(two brothers and one sister) My best friend: Jim My favourite subject: p.e. Description: average heigh,pale complection, oval head, thin name:

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Christine Name: Christine Terzoudi Birthday:13/3/2014 Hobbies: table tennis and volleyball Age: 11 years old My favourite food: chicken with potatoes My favourite colours: pink and green My favourite animals: dogs and cats My favourite game: uno My favourite singer: Manos xatzidakis My favourite book:Little Princess Family members: my mum, my dad and my sister My best friends: all the girls from my class My favourite subjects: Maths, history and P.E Description: I have got blood hairs and blue eyes. I am tall and I looks like a fairy!!!! Christine Terzoudi

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My self. My name is Tetta. My hobby is horse riding My favourite foods are fish and rise, and meatballs with rise. My favourite color is tirkouaz. My favourite animals are horsies, and dogs My favourite games are all the keyboards. I am 11 years old. My favourite singer is Miley Syrous. My favourite book is ’notre dam de Paris’. My family members are me, my mum, my dad and my dog: Foivos My favourite subjects are music, and history. My best friend is:Chrisa

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Name: Mary Birthday; 16/07/2003 Hobbies; Writing stories and singing Age; 11 years old My favourite food; Meat and potatoes My favourite colours: light green and light blue My favourite animals: Dogs and rabbits My favourite game; Monopoly My favourite singer: Katy Perry My favourite book; The gold mountain Family members; My dad, my mum and me My best friends: Teta, Eugenia and Marilena My favourite subjects; Science and Maths Description; I have got light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I look like a little lady!

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MARIA-NEFELI Name:Maria-Nefeli Kougioumtzi. Birthday:2-5-2003. Hobbies: dance, tennis, piano and song. Age:12. My favourite food:rice with salmon. My favourite colour:blue, pink. My favourite game:hide and seek. My favourite animal:tiger. My favourite singer:Taylor Swift. My favourite book:My mom is trying to destroy my live. Family members:me, my mum, my dad and my brother. My best friends:Joanna and Elena. My favourite subject: science My favourite actor:Zach Galifianakis. Description:I have colour honey hair and brown eyes. I am tall and I look like a princess

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Name:Maritina Birthday:4/12/2003 Hobbies:Dancing Age:10 years old My favourite food:Spaggeti My favourite colour:Ciel My favourite game:Twister My favourite animal:Wolf My favourite singer:Sakira My favourite book:Funny stories with animals! Family members:My parents and my younger sister My bests friends:Joanna,Marie-Nefely,Elisabeth My favourite subject:Music,PE Description:Matilda!!!!!!

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Jim kiltsikis Name: dimitris kiltsikis Birthday: 01/02/2003 Hobbies: football, basketball Age: 11 My favourite food : snitchel My favourite color :red and black My favourite game: league of legends My favourite singer: Eminem My favourite book: The Lord of the Rings Family members: Mum, Dad, sister and me My best friend: John My favourite subject :P.E Description: I have brown eyes and I am tall

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NAME: jim koyf. birthday: 17/4/2003 hobbies: football, handball, volleyball age: 12 my favourite food: pizza my favourite color: black, blue my favourite game: football my favourite animal: lion my favourite singer: Michal stavento my favourite book: the diary of u.f.o family members: 4 (I, mum, dad, brother) my best friends: jim, john, chris my favourite subject: p.e description: black hair, tall, brown eyes, thin

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Name: Florentia Birthday: 18/05/2014 Hobbies: dance , art, music Age: eleven and a half My favourite food: spaggeti My favourite color: blue and purple My favourite game: monopoly My favourite animal: wolf and fox My favourite singer: Stavento My favourite book: Fairy tales without name Family members: me Florentia, my mum Lemonia, my dad Radamanthos and my little sister Foteini My best friends : Christina and Michaela My favourite subject: Maths My favourite actress: Katia Dandoulaki Description: I have brown hair and green eyes. I am good, polite but angry easily

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Name: Joanna Birthday:20/7/2003 Hobbies: dance, music, theatre Age: 11 My favourite food: spaghetti My favourite colour : red, black , blue My favourite game: Monopoli , UNO My favourite animal: dog My favourite singer and actor: Beyonce , Aliki Vougiouklaki My favourite book: The little prince Family members: dad-Dimitris , mum-Chrisa , sister-Bilio and me My best friend: Maria-Nefeli My favourite subject : music theatre physical education, maths Description: wavy long fair hair, small nose, thin and tall

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Name : Steve Birthday:24/11/2003 Hobbies: watching TV, football playing, computer surfing, listening to the music Favourite food: spaghetti, Greek pastitsio ,fish Favourite color: orange and red Favourite game: “Hero Zero", football Favourite animal: eagle Favourite singer: Stan, Jon Chadian's Favourite book: Myths of ESOP Family members: three-me and my parents Best friend: Ilias Favourite subject: history and sciences Description: toll, strong, clever, round-faced attractive boy with big brown eyes, beautiful smile and sensitive heart. In addition, I have got well shaped round head, impressive mouth, high front, rose cheeks and huge imagination, which make me unbeatable, unforgettable and unique. And, of course, I am very, very, very shy!