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Add a URL in PowerPoint A Quick Tutorial John Sklar

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Add a URL in PowerPoint(1) First open PowerPoint. In PowerPoint 2003 a blank slide appears. That’s what we need for this short activity. Follow this screen direction.

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Add a URL in PowerPoint(2) Type URL-DEMO and then click to add subtitle and add your name. I like to add the date too.

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Add a URL in PowerPoint(3) Now pull down the insert menu and select New Slide as shown here. This will create a new slide with a heading and a place for bulleted points. As shown here

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Add a URL in PowerPoint(4) Click to add title and type a legal, well formed, URL.. Then click in the other text area and add some annotations for the web site you have chosen.

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What about “Hot Text”(5) Create a new Slide and type: How about Reuters? Find the URL for Reuters. Guess what? It is Select the word Reuters and click the link button. In the address blank type the URL then click OK!

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Need more slides? Just go back to the pull down and insert another. Don’t forget to test and save. Are we having fun yet?

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