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hi; i like it what a collection diana..

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Hi Diane, I enjoyed this presentation very much and I agree it is nice to have someone comment or give a thumbs up. Take care, Sandy

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Thanks a lot, Diane. I've sent an email to you. My email address is my645@qq.com.

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Slideboom.com Power Point Wizardry.

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The Making Of A Power Point Show. Lots of time. Lots of trouble. Like a cauldron – bubble, bubble ! Find a theme and lay it out. Delete, delete ! when there’s a doubt. Edit ,animate format too. Colour, shadow – add some blue! Moving pictures. Flowers and birds. Make it better – add wise words ! Hours and hours go racing by. Add some colour, change that sky. By and by the Power Points done. It should be liked by everyone. Check on Slideboom – it’s a hit ! Lots of folk downloading it. Then my heart sinks - again I see, You didn’t even bother to tick it for me !

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Power Point makers across the map. For all their efforts deserve a clap. If it makes you smile or makes you weep, and it’s good enough to download and keep. Then show that you like the effects on display. Have the manners to comment – the thumbs up way! ________________________________________________________ This is my 100th Slideboom Power Point Show. Thank you to all the people who have rewarded my efforts with “Thumbs Up” and “Comments.” Special thanks to “ DidiFortuna. IASI ” and “Tonya” who have made so many of my Shows a favourite and who have sent friendship messages and warmed my heart. To see new P.P.S.Shows which include my input see Graham’s A Maddie Production. http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/116894/ An-Old-Christmas-Card.

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Please visit my web site http://sites.google.com/site/queenslandwomenoftheweb/Home   Happy Power Pointing and best wishes From Diane.

Summary: Tribute to Slideboom contributers.

Tags: p.p.s. final 100 th show. enjoy !

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