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Right Way To Secured Life…

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You want to develop an Additional Stream Of Income… You want an Alternative Stream Of Income… You want a more Secure Financial Future… You want a way to Get Out Of Debt… You want to Escape The Rat-Race and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with All The Money You Need… You want to Wake Up Whenever You Want! Why Are You Here Today?

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Company RTM Regd. under the company act 1956. Our company certified ISO 9001:2000. Principle company was established in the year for 1980 with the team dedication and high sprit of engineers, since then we successfully come a long way in the field of export and to marketing of our products. We are having a long way in the field of export and local marketing skills. Our client based all over world. We managed to grow with our hard work and team dedication despite various policies changed in our government. For our local line of products we are in the field of Quartz Clocks, Household Electronic item and we are also in the field of TV Entertainment.

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Our Aim To Form Meaningful, Long Lasting And Mutually Rewarding Business Association, Which Is Based On Team Work, Professionalism And Commitment. It Is An Effort To Provide Tremendous Opportunity To Discover Financial Independence And To Make Dreams Come True.

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Our Dreams To Provide Happiness And Prosperity To All Through Medium Of Rtm Brand Products. Our Eternal Love Along With Making People Financial Independent By Giving Them A High Class Income.

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Legal ISO Certificate PAN Card Incorporation Certificate

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The Next Level in the Evolution of Network Marketing A Step By Step Roadmap For Making Real Money

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SPECIAL OFFER Your Chance To Achieve Maruti Alto Before 14th February With Only Five Referrals OFFER CLOSED - 27 people Achieved Alto Some Of The Achievers

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The Business Opportunity

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Rs.1999 – 1 Points Suit Length + Tour Package + 7 Cash Vouchers of Rs.4000 + Business Kit Rs.3999 – 2 Points Suit Length + 3 Lakh Accidental Insurance + Tour Package + 7 Cash Vouchers of rs.8000 + Business Kit Rs.7999 – 4 Points Suit Length + RTM Business Bag + 3 Lakh Accidental Insurance + Tour Package + 7 cash Vouchers of Rs.16,000 + Business Kit Rs.14999 – 8 Points Suit Length + RTM Business Bag + Foce Wrist Watch + 3 Lakh Accidental Insurance + Tour Package + 7 cash Vouchers of Rs.30,000 + Business Kit Rs.24999 – 16 Points Suit Length + RTM Business Bag + Foce Wrist Watch + 3 Lakh Accidental Insurance + Tour Package + 7 Cash Vouchers of Rs.50,000 + Business Kit Joining Packages

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Business Income Working Plan Combines The 6 Fastest Growing Trends

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Joins Hand with

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You get RTM Voucher to Secure Your Income

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Example If you joining with position of Franchise Rs.24999 2nd Month 1st Month

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3rd Month 4th Month If you joining with position of Franchise Rs.24999

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8th Month 12th month If you joining with position of Franchise Rs.24999

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This Cheque Will be cleared Only Subject to Introduction of Two People of same joining amount as per T & C Accepted 16th Month Multi Gift Cash vouchers will credited to you through three option at the time of joining. 1.Demand draft. 2.Pay Direct card. 3.Online Transfer.

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You Left Right Rs. 1000 First Pair 2:1 Or 1:2 @ Rs 1000/*- Next Pair 1:1 @ Rs 1000/*- *This Binary Rate is with Manager Position Of Rs.14999 & Rs.24999 Left Points : Right Points X Rs.125 = Your Binary Capping Rs 2,00,000/- In 15 Days Payout*

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You Spill Spill 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/- 500/-

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Upon Introduction Of Your Four Direct Customers You Enter In Super Club Income As Per Detail Below : No. Of Sales In A Month X 200 No. Of Achievers Of Super Club Example : 500 Sales In A Month 500 x 200 1,00,000 10,000/- 10 Achievers Of Super Club = 10 = 10 = Note: Life Time Capping For Super Club Income Is Rs. 30,000/- This Income is Applicable with Joining of Rs.14,999 and Rs.24,999 Only

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SENIOR SUPPORT TEAM SUPPORT COMPANY SUPPORT You Can Get Team Bonus Income After Maintaining A and B Legs Example Table Chart On Next Slide

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Note: Your Total 12th Level Earning Rs. 67,89000/-

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As you complete 5th level you achieve one ALTO

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TAREGTS TO ACHIEVE 1 Pair With Tail - DVD Player Next 4 Pair – Microwave Next 10 Pair - Refrigerator 16:8 Or 8:16 Points Next 32:32 Points Next 80:80 Points

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Next 20 Pair - Foreign Trip Next 40 Pair - Laptop Next 60 Pair - 3 Monthly Installments of 20,000 or Alto Car DP NEXT 160:160 Points NEXT 320:320 Points NEXT 480:480 Points

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Next 100 Pair - 3 Monthly Installments Of 30,000 Or Spark Car DP Next 200 Pair -3 Monthly Installments Of 50,000 Or Mahindra Logan Car DP Next 300 Pair - Santro Xing Car Ex-Showroom  or  Rs.3,00,000/- Cash  NEXT 800:800 Points NEXT 1600:1600 Points NEXT 2400:2400 Points

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Next 500 Pair - Honda City Car Ex-Showroom  or Rs.6,00,000/- Cash Next 800 Pair - Mahindra Xylo  or  Rs.8,00,000/- Cash Next 1100 Pair - Tata Safari Car Ex-Showroom or  Rs.10,00,000/- Cash Company will distribute all rewards serial wise to every achiever and all government taxes and other charges to be paid by achiever NEXT 4000:4000 Points NEXT 6400:6400 Points NEXT 8800:8800 Points

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Richa Trend Marketing Pvt. Ltd IDBI Bank Ltd. A/c No : 095102000021085 State Bank of India A/c No : 30725016684 ICICI Bank Ltd. A/c No : 015405004891 AXIS Bank Ltd. A/c No : 00013493 ABN AMRO Bank Ltd. A/c No : 1595357 HDFC Bank Ltd . A/c No : 09358630000051 Fax No: 011- 47027706 Our Banker

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RTM SMS Service RTM Password Your ID Send 56677 RTM Rewards Your ID Send 56677 RTM Mytree Your ID Send 56677 RTM Payout Your ID Send 5677

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Come & Join Us Please contact the person who has given this presentation to you. Ranjit Borah - +91-99512-21608 Thank You Get Latest News of MLM - Sms, - Join MLMNEWS to 567678 

Summary: First time in the history of MLM in India where a company gives you a guarantee of your invested money with double amount ADVANCE POST DATED VOUCHERS. MLM combines the 6 fastest growing trends, giving more income opportunity. Irrespective of Investments, we give you 200% in 16 months with advance Post Dated Vouchers (PDV).

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